Clearing up Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Confusion

As I work with different teams, there is often some confusion about what people mean when they say “DR”. Team discussions will delve into RPO, RTO, Backup, High Availability, and Business Continuity. Unfortunately, these concepts get mixed up and confused […]

Evaluating Solution Architect Competence – 10 Indicators

For solution architects to be effective and to succeed there are specific competencies that are crucial. These competencies become even more crucial as architects evolve from technical roles to solution architect, senior solution architect, and principal architect. Perhaps you are […]

CQRS Performance Design Pattern Demystified

The command and query responsibility segregation (CQRS) pattern is a pattern that can be deployed as part of microservices and other architectures.   This pattern is often overlooked by architects and development teams even though it is a well documented pattern.  Even […]