Enterprise Architecture

Clearing up Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Confusion

As I work with different teams, there is often some confusion about what people mean when they say “DR”. Team discussions will delve into RPO, RTO, Backup, High Availability, and Business Continuity. Unfortunately, these concepts get mixed up and confused […]

Challenging previously held beliefs and moving forward with architectural “anti-patterns” in the enterprise

Nobody claims to like anti-patterns, and I certainly don’t like them. In fact, when it comes to architecture and solutioning, we identify them, make sure we understand why they are bad, and then we avoid them. We help others to […]

Architecting Your Enterprise APIs Into a Set of API Experiences and the Demise of the Monolithic API

As organizations move to API-lead approaches to architecture and design new API target states for the organization, the concept of a set of publishing a set of experience based API services no doubt come into play. API Management application vendors […]